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2020 - Freestyle/Greco-Roman Wrestling Registration

Hello All,

Freestyle & Greco season is upon us! We have another exciting week of folkstyle wrestling with Mat Classic XXII and the WSWA State Championships this weekend at the Tacoma Dome. If you have never been to watch the high school state championships, I recommend that you head down Saturday to watch the semi-finals in the morning, the finals in the evening, and to cheer on our wrestlers. Nothing makes you fall in love with the sport more than watching the best of the best competing for their dreams!

That aside, here is how to get ready for spring wrestling:

1. Check you USAW Membership Card status at Your USAW Card must be up to date, even if you only plan on practicing with us. Little kids (parents), if you joined us in the Fall and purchased the membership card for fall only, then you will need to upgrade it to be valid this Spring!

2. Head to our team store, here at I have split registration between "Advanced" and "Kid's Freestyle". Advanced is for ages 11-18, Middle and High school ages. Kid's is for ages 5-11, Elementary ages, or for anyone who is new to the sport. Kids who joined us for Fall Folkstyle, your registration cost folds over to Spring. No need to register online, just show up to practice with a valid USAW Membership Card.

3. You will receive a complementary shirt with registration. If you would like to order sweatshirts, singlets, hats, etc., our full store will be up and running shortly. We will do an early gear order so that we can get singlets earlier than last year. A second due date will be a week later, in case you miss the early date.

Due dates for gear:

First due date: March 4th.

Second due date: March 13th.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Reach out at:

You're the best,

Mitchell Steed

Head Coach

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