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Big News: Our Own Space

Hey Fam,

I just got home from picking up our keys to a space that we can call our own!

We have been working hard, since this fall, to negotiate our way into a new mat room. And as of the 15th, we will begin moving into Bellis Fair Mall. We are positioned in a great location that is a couple stores down from H&M down the Macy's hallway, on the right.

What we are excited about:

  1. Flexible Hours: We have 100% control over our practice times.

  2. Central Location: No matter where you are coming from in Whatcom, we are central and just off the freeway.

  3. Parking Galore: If we run out of parking, we will need to upgrade anyway...

  4. 6000 sqft: We have so much room to spread out and make our new space a home.

Concerns we had:

  1. Price: We were worried that leasing this much space would run counter to our goal of making WWA affordable to anyone and everyone. Although we are planning to change our payment structure, prices are going to stay the same.

  2. Control: If we had stayed at Sehome, or any other school for that matter, we may not be able to return to the mat for quite a while still. Plus, now we don't have to compete with other school programs who want to utilize the mat room.

When are we going to get started? Great question! Tentatively, we are going to say early March. We need time to move in, make the space safe, come up with our COVID protocols, and assemble our coaches! Allow us to take the next couple weeks to get set up. Then, we will communicate how you (or your child) can get started.

We can't believe it has almost been a year! I miss you all and am looking forward to shaking off the dust.

Coach Steed

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