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Hey All,

Sorry about the delay. Coach (me) left this sitting in his (my) drafts, forgetting to publish it. :)

This is going to be our schedule at WWA for the next couple months. We are so looking forward to some consistency!

Highschoolers: This is your opportunity to hit the ground running for your season. Do not miss this opportunity to get better and make the gap wider. Because times are weird, we recommend you bring a partner with you. Carpooling is not only great for the environment, it ensures you have someone your size to work with. :)

Middleschoolers: Y'all haven't had a full season in a couple years. Getting to practice will make that transition to high school easier. Plus, you'll likely get to meet some of your future teammates.

Youth: We are going to keep rolling as we have been! You will see a little more live wrestling this next couple months, as we hope to bridge the gap of our beginners and intermediate/advanced.

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to reach out to me at if you have any questions!

Coach Steed

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