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Freestyle and Greco Season is coming!

Here is the schedule for our upcoming season! We are really excited to get things rolling, helping each of you get closer and closer to your goals. Registration will be up on the website store at the beginning of next week. A few other notes:

-You are welcome to join us for practices only, if that is all your schedule allows.

-I have added all the possible events taking place in western WA. By no means do you have to attend them all.

-USA Wrestling Card is REQUIRED to practice. You can purchase at:

-Middle School wrestlers are free to join our advanced practice once their season ends.

Gear order will be in the website store at the beginning of next week. Our first due date will be March 4th, so as to receive our gear earlier in the season. A second order will be placed a week or two after our season begins, in case we have any stragglers.

If you have any questions, please reach out to:

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