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How do I register?

We aim to make participating in wrestling easy, flexible, and affordable. We are proud that our dues are amongst the lowest of any youth sport, thanks in large part to our donors and business partners.

Step 1: Purchase a USA Wrestling Card. We are a chartered member of USA Wrestling and are required to have each and every athlete registered with that governing body. These can be found here. They are $55 for the year (August to August) or $20 for a limited membership. We recommend the full. Please connect your membership with our club, so we can keep record of our athletes.

Step 2: Create an account on our website. In the top right corner of the screen, there is the option to "log in". Navigate there and sign up for an account. From this account, you will have the ability to pause or cancel your membership(s) --as well as have access to some member-only content.

Step 3: Register and Pay. Under the "Registration" tab, select which membership you are interested in. Follow the prompts through the payment portal. If you prefer to pay cash, please reach out to us via email ( and we can set you up!

Other Considerations:

We are currently operating month to month, like your standard gym. Each month your card will be drawn the membership fee. Our cash/check members will need to bring their payment to the coaching staff monthly, unless they have worked out another arrangement.

Although we operate month-to-month, wrestling is still a seasonal sport. If you are joining us mid-way through a season, the group may be further along. Don't be discouraged, just hop in and soon enough you'll catch up! If you prefer to pay for the whole season up front, reach out to and we can work something out. Same goes for multiple-child families. Our goal is to make participation easier, not harder.

You're all set! Come join us for practice. :)

Special thanks to:

Steed Coffee Roasting

Hammerhead Coffee Co.

Northwest Safety Signs

Amjay Screen Printing

Cascade Pizza

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