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How to register for Fall 2019 Junior Wrestling season:

Hello All,

First off, we are really excited about having our shiny new website. This enables us to process registration payments, clean up our gear ordering so that we (hopefully) have less mistakes, ship gear orders directly to your front door, and gives us a more unified place to communicate without the distractions of Facebook. Along with all these upsides, it is a new tool for us and will likely have some glitches right off the bat. Please communicate if you are having any issues with registration to us at:

Steps to registering:

1. Use the link at the top of the page to travel over to You will need a USA Wrestling card to participate. This card protects all of us: it provides medical insurance should any injuries take place (even if you are harmed on the way to or from any USA Wrestling event) and protects the club in this instance as well. Follow their instructions through to processing your payment. Make sure you assign "Whatcom Wrestling Academy" to your card.

2. Come back to WWA's page and scroll down to the team store. Put "Hamster{folk}style Junior Wrestling" in your cart with the appropriate quantity and proceed to checkout. You will need to fill out a little box that declares who you are signing up. Please also include your wrestler's USAW Card number in that space. Once you process payment, you are good to go!

3. RSVP to our "Meet the Coaches" event on November 4th to meet the coaches and tour Sehome's new facility.

We are really excited to launch our second season of WWA's Junior Wrestling team. Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mitchell Steed

McKray Jones

Cameron Brearley

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