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Schedule for 3/29-4/2

Hey All,

Thanks for bearing with us as we try to stay organized and attempt to open up wrestling safely. We now have our first schedule out. Again, depending on numbers in the age groups we may have to make adjustments.

Our first week went amazing. Getting to see so many of you, eager to get back on to the mat. We wanted to thank you all for being so diligent about wearing your masks. You all are the best. I was impressed that so many of you seemed to keep in good shape! Nice work --definitely thought y'all would have been dragging on day two.

One order of business, as we add class times to our schedule, concerns the gap between classes. We have allotted 10 minutes between classes for cleanup and to give a gap between exiting class and those who are entering. We may need to lengthen this, if it proves too short. Please leave promptly after your scheduled class and try to show up on time to your class, put on your shoes, and be ready to go. Try not to show up early to your class, so we can minimize cross-contamination of our groups. Thanks in advance!

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